Still Have My Day Job

by Fiyablasta



This EP is a small collection of songs Fiyablasta has made he's made while still working his day jobs and other projects.


released September 7, 2015

Production from AfterTouch Beats, Arkutec, BlipMasta5, & Corbett.


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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Track Name: New Challenger (Remastered)
Verse 1:
The name's Fiyablasta, got it memorized?
The abstract king is about to give you oblivion
Giving you vivid lyrics of written killings by spilling
The ink on the ceiling like villains who dig gore, right
Take a sec to dissect as I digress
That I inject with the technique
Of the phlebotomist, you got the gist? The thought is this:
There will be blood as if he had the tech gotten pissed and spotted a crip
And he murders these verses
It's sure this person terms it
As a handicap match because many can't catch
How he's handing back slaps while strapping a backpack
This is for the books so I call it the body bag
Leaving more people wrapped up than Saudi has
Got them all disgusted like I gave them a snotty rag
And still say I operate smoother than a Sade track
You guys sound like the shoddy shack
I mash them for the mansion; he brought it back
To when hip hop was the game you compete in
Like what Nintendo did to Super Smash
But I don't care who's on the roster
I'm calling ya'll out like youse the imposter
Deal with it like Callie, I keep it hot in Topeka
So rip off artists are just Bloo at The Fosters

Here comes a new challenger (4x)
The proverbial dragon came back for some action
Cause the people's been asking what the game has been lacking
Here comes the new challenger
So emcees get your talent up

Verse 2:
Why must I build you up to the skill
I'd rather drill this hotness into your head like a skillet
But that would traumatize your lil' head to be blunt
I home run derby; just want base, then he bunts
You turn up then he punts
While I just score bored of battling these weak chumps
Now you see he got game like Jesus
Know what's in it like EA's RapGenius
Hip Hop is my genus, lyricist is my species
They say we're endangered, but I disagree we're conserved by the shares and the retweets
They request that I Make it out Alive cause they need me
So I told them to Run the Jewels
Back to have Logic Under Pressure and the Shady Crew sounding Chief Keef
Bang Bang, shots fired like Made You Look
And I ain't busting for a major look
But they think it's a joke when I'm dogging one hit wonders
So I aim at greater danes to cook
Now can you smell me?
I can't leave a stone unturned in this search
For an opponent with something they can tell me
Hah! Like Kanye back in the day
Without the paper Kim K. tried to sell me
I'll break the web like an enemy of Peter Parker
Going harder than K. Lamar; eat your heart out
If you're fixing to get in my dinner then shout
Leave no leftovers, the bones go to the grouch
No need to keep it street to stay on top like sesame
Just chef them with cuisine the ingredients in the recipe
Even Ramsey would say I'm a master
If we go by the bar, you lightweights would be plastered


Verse 3:
I should of warned you, this warrior is gon' destroy these foes
Thinking I'm inexperienced, but the thing is that theory has
Got me on a Scott Pilgramage and you're the native souls
You see you exes must exit or I'll posses your home
Cause when my song hits your Plymouth's speakers
You know in the end I'm winning the bouquet you're getting reserved my soles
No way, now way! They protest, but I'm guessing
They ain't checking their history so repetitive lives
Gon' stay the same! Don't think I'm a threat
And you'll be in the next people vexed they ain't in the best 5
Until they say young man! You're barred
From bringing bars, barbarian. You're basically Babar
Barricade his barrage of BB's! But if I'm armed
I'm B.A. Baracus busting bullets of the AR
B-A-B with the A-R?
Guess that does make me the elephant in the room
You're dealing with the Abstract King
Truthfully, I don't get why you think you could duel
Cause cowboy if we quick draw, we couldn't get draw
I'm scalene with no equal
A major heavyweight about the raise the stakes
By climbing up to say, "Come at me, bro!"

Track Name: Killing Spree

Verse 1:
Ya'll rappers don't want none
The boy been a beast after year one
And right now is the fifteenth
You're no threat to the vet, so why grit teeth
Mean mug all you want, cause I'm still gonna slaughter
Like it ain't no toss up like your dang ensalada, (uh)
Why dress it up when the abstract Caesar's
Making sure you eat your words before you get your just desserts
They say that's overkill, I told them show me skill
And maybe I'll be nice and ensure that you wrote your will
Otherwise the spoils are mine
In about 6 seconds like your boy did a vine
(Got em!) Deez Nuts punchlines on standby
While you're bringing no bars like you're stuck with a landline
(And still I cut-) Don't say nothing to me, boy
You look like anoth' munchkin to be destroyed

I'm just going on a killing spree
And I'm destroying by just going at it lyrically
They're annoying being lower than me mentally
So I end my grief and take them six feet deep
This is the funeral as we proceed
I'm pall bearer til your buried while your folks bereave
And the epitaph of your headstone reads
Another victim of my killing spree

Verse 2:
I am a nightmare walking; psychopath taunting
Enemies like an emcee on TV copping
If you cross my ref, you're oft to get the songs I wreck
And often test your artist best
And flex my muscle memory from my brain to the pen that bleeds
Back to my head and then my speech ending with my reach gripping cheese
That's the payout for a hitman, g
Making a killing in the game is how you get that 1337
It ain't Destiny it's more like a Call of Duty
To see a Titanfall in the Battlefield cause I'm truly
A slayer of supposed untouchables like they're beings with Halos
But I'm SOCOM collecting W's with a say so
They claim hacks and mods cause they don't have the bars
And went from acting hard to the broad way
You're Caroline in a verse by Andre
Or a nightmare of Kanye: Get Rekt, "All Day"!


Verse 3:
Just check it, my methods ain't reckless
Premeditate deading these pest with
The sharpness of my brain that entertains like gladiators in the ring
Of the Colosseum; all are beaten; call them how I see them
Eenie Meanie Miney Mo, pick a victim by the flow, pass the weapon the microphone, load a clip and let it blow (Pow!)
My ammo: sentences and fragments, so back up like ad libs
Or become target practice ravaged by the savage rapper, Fiyablasta AKA total package
Unraveling this master's habit of smashing rappers. It's well established, I can't kick
Entrenched writtens without some trench digging
Been killing it in this game so long they can't bench him
Cause I take shots, it's hard to brick
And steal to rock crowds crossover to the smarter pick
I slaughter Knicks rapping about "ball is life"
It's about the music, man, and this art I write
Is all I strike them down with, my bars are tight
And news reports will all read who got mauled tonight


Track Name: Work it Out Pt. 2
I work it out, work it out on the microphone
And work it out, work it out on the dance floor

Verse 1:
Yea, buddy, these bars I'm lifting are hard
For many, my lyricism in repitition has got me living large
Like an MMA champ of hip hop
Mixed Musical Artistries to "Jump" beats like Kriss Kross
But when I'm on the floor, I'm the one jumping
Give me my room and some bass that's bumping
I just wanna move, why you brothers just slumping?
Baby, just Nae Nae and I'll whip out the stunting
Like I do with the mic in hand
Rhythms get them switching feelings when I'm writing jams
That power, that privilege I work like my mistress
That crowd's in submission; I Ebeneezer Scrooge it
But in the crowd, I lose it and let the music
Move it; my body to the proven ground
To get down to the drums that pound
for who gets the crown. So better work it out right now


Verse 2:
Whoo! So let me feel that beat
Can't hug the wall, I got to move my feet
Yeah! Come join the fun
Ain't even got to wait to get some groin to buns
Whoo! "Everybody Move" like Tech said to make the "Hood Go Crazy"
We got the DJ playing jams; 2000's, 90's, 80's
So what's your song of choice? "Rock Your Body" or "Bring the Noise"?
Regardless, I'm dancing til my clothes get moist
Got towels? Wipe me down. Get Wild! Wipe me down
I'm on-on the ground. Break-break-breaking down
Just call me Turbo; I'm looking for my Special K
Or "Searching for the Perfect Beat"; Bambaataa would be proud of me
This sole sonic force won't let me stand still
It pounds so heavy just like an anvil
So try to burn me on the floor, it's on
(We just got served, team. Voltron!)


Verse 3:
When we hit them up in they town
They be feeling us and our sound
Then we hit the club and it's bound
To bang our stuff out loud
Cause it's bout to go down
When the mic's in my trigger finger I'ma spit rounds
Been waiting patient for me to move the crowd
Well I'm glad to mention, I got your submission; listen to the speed of sound
Blazing like a trailing Delorean, pouring in lyrics from the valedictorian
Orating punches to leave them slumping in bunches like the oats of the honey for the boatloads of money
Talking shmoney dancing on a Lonely Island "Like a Boss" while hostiles try to off me probably cause they aren't me
Jealousy running deep cause I have their ladies weak when I speak and she in the DM's trying to creep
Call her that TLC; she crazy, sexy, cool, yo
Call that that DLC; my game is flexing tunes so
Whether in the disco or on the microphone
I work it out on the flo'
Track Name: Spitzophrenia
Hello, bonjour, konichiwa, hola, wassup!
Fellow hardcore offspring, we got no job but bust!
So come out to play, no need to be afraid, this beat is our prey
And after feasting leave the carcass up for display
I implore you to destroy two or more bars if that won't bore you
AfterTouch offered this blank canvas so here's the oil
Van Gogh hard in the paint for the Sunflower State til it's muddied in Kansas soil
Then wait a minute, let me get it. I'ma spit it like the middle west raised me
Blazing! Many want to get on this Fiya with a twist, but they end up with an orifice foaming; rabies
So the people think that's sick, because it don't click that the quickness got lifted
From the Midwest, best section in the whole wide, wide world. The fiasco was giving swine this pearl
Get off your soapbox. I can't be accessory to your faux pas
'Sposed to kill it from attic ceiling to finished basement the whole song
No nonsense, just the conscious art of bombing
Graffiti on tracks with locomotives that hip hop
Should I remind you that train of thought is played out
Same route been taken so long it's lame now
You need to turn up, autotune, trap out, and lean it over to the side
Triplet your homicide, flicking lyrics til they rhyme, fitting dimwits in a pine
Box that I'm out of
That undergroundling connected to you by that wireless router
Pinging the meanings of Jupiterans and you're in for abstract thinking
Bruising the losers; Black to purple; offensive and hurtful; Jinxing
Or is it Ditto if you Mr. Mime the same time
Or is it Brillo if you missed a line? My dang mind
Bends stupendously endlessly and I see entropy
Get the gist? I'm sick! (That Spitzophrenia!)
When is it my turn? The mic yearns for me. (No, it don't, homie)
(Had my eye on it, so when I lash, I master slave own it)
So give it to me, so we can be free; exploring passed norms and formal settings
(Are you kidding?) Hand it over! (No way!) STOP!
Or I'll be lodging it in your esophagus
Til you're oxygen-less and lobbing a fist after
(That, sir, is what the problem is: the answer isn't hyperviolent)
Keep your peace talks, my sniper's silent
You-you done-done messed-messed up-up now-now, I-I pro-pro-test-test
Ri-ri-ot-ot-ing-ing on-on wri-wri-ting-ting ain't-ain't best-best
One-one at-at a-a time-time per-per verse-verse
So-so re-re-sults-sults won't-won't be-be so-so per-per-verse-verse

That Spitzophrenia (repeated)

Track Name: Kick Back
You don't want to turn up
You just want to turn down
Maybe simply chill out for a second
Vibe with the record
And just kick back, chillax
Bump this track, yo, if that's your main goal
Play your jams when your friends
til your worries are long gone

Verse 1:
When it's been a long day, bruh (Huzzah!)
Steady on my grind!
Got songs that I play, bruh (Huzzah!)
Just to ease my mind!
I don't really go up like clubs
On Tuesdays or the weekends
Cause even though I be working hard
My pockets never deepen
I just chill in my crib. Baby, that's it
Music playlists and YouTube vids
Maybe Funimation if I'm wanting something Asian
If I got a couple duckets then the theater's where I function
I'ma slide in there a game or two
Maybe phone a friend or hang with you
After that I'ma get some rest
My sure shot way to relieve stress


Verse 2:
So you gon' call up the homies
And invite them where you stay
Then you gon' put on some movies
On that Netflix or BluRay
Yea, they can't stop you like Miley Cyrus
Your crew's like Ducks, Mighty, try us
The rumor's we're the coolest
And it's true though we're highly biased
So give ya'll a round, pizza on speed dial
Now it's going down, crack brew like your smiles
You gotta love it when you're with your buddies
Private from public, chilling in the cut and
Spending down time with your day ones
Saying good night cause you made one
By simply choosing to stay in
Having great fun with great friends


Verse 3:
Them customers gon' complain
Them haters are gon' hate
Them bosses may be a pain
Let this take it away
Don't distress, just de-stress
Still depressed, then re-press
That play button or say something
And act til ain't nothing
That small stuff, it ain't nothing
Unless you want to make it something
Drama is created when you want to set the staging
If they want supporting actors, you don't give them what they ask for
Just keep your distance
And follow what this hit did
And kick it
Turn it up if you with it

Chorus 2x