Cool Beans

from by Fiyablasta

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This is just a track I uploaded as a cool song to listen to. It's kind of like my theme song. I like taking things of the past and mix in the delivery of the new school while maintaining the art of an emcee. So enjoy my Cool Beans.


Verse 1:
Pick up hot-n-ready masterpieces (pizzas) of the Little Caesar with a Napoleon Complex
Yep/Full Control/Castro Flow/to get you shaking like siezures
Sieges/with granduer/greater than Alexander
Plus my noggin/is never Stalin (stallin)/not a common/
Neglector/of lectures/got good Marx (marks) in school
Where it's cool/er to rule/r cuz you/learn
About my feats unless you're Beuller
You Nerd!/is what I heard/but I twist the word
Never Ending Rapping Dario (NERD) ain't amateur
Most concur/and prefer/to play my records
Cuz you wreck less/than the best yes/it just occurs
I'm the cur/rent record/holder/of the most wrecked currs
On a record/and that's without a curse word
Ain't that foul. (fowl) I'm flyer than ya'll bad hens
No match just fried by the dragon/Cool Beans

Verse 2:
I takes intellegence/and cleverness/to make an old phrase relevent
In the present/while making prevalent/he's hard like sediment
Cuz that sentiment/has to get in it/while it's wet cement
Or it won't be evident/like a mute person's impediment
So he'll embellish it/while wrecking it/effortless/ly while you're checking his
Method/of leaving a mess of emcees breathless
By constantly besting them/and testing them/to bring their freshest
Cuz profress/ionals aren't getting him/to start sweating them
It's next to im/possible/to stop the dude/cuz any obstacle
He's popping through/he'll knock a fool/right out of they socks and shoes
Just like shocking news/he's gotten views/around this rock so blue
And green he's stocking too/cuz he ain't flopping soon
He's just dropping tunes/that you're bobbing too/fly like robins do
Or a cockatoo/kill it like a rock'll do
So let me offer you/this option to/use this opportune
Time to autotune/in or out. You Choose/Cool Beans

Oops I'm spilling it/bet ya'll feeling it
Cuz it's that food for thought
And I know you hip hop heads/get what I said
Cuz Cool Beans what I drop

Verse 3:
I drop Knowledge/like the endings of ebonics/for my fix
Hook on phonics/since I found it/increased my economics
And for kicks/that be fien'ing. My love for hip hop is they drug
Plus the world would give the Ke$ha (Cash up) once they unplugged
From the Matrix/playlist/ and I'm just the one to do it
But the foolish/mixed up saying I'm too Neo (NE-YO) with the music
"So Sick" when I "Buss it Baby" if you "Come Closer"
You'll go to bed "Mad"/fast/Life's over
So "When You're Mad" you'll say, "It's All Because of You"
And if you make that rubbish/and touch this, you're through
Ew/My illness got you terminal
Felt "Superhigh" till them flu-symptoms let you know that you're turning for
The worst cuz you're already departed
And now arriving to your final destination: Uncharted
But My art stays on top like the Sistine
Cuz I drop beans/Every hot sixteen

Bridge 2x

Cool Beans/from the Humean (Human) Being
Cuz it ain't humane/what I do to these lames
Midwest bro/with frijoles frescos
The rest know/I'm hot. You can't hold these fresh flows


from YouTube GEMs, released September 3, 2011
Beat: EOM
Lyrics: Fiyablasta


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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