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Verse 1:
No Mizzou, I'm from T-O-P
Since preschool, had that M-I-C
Now bust raps, cause at first I sing
These W, X, Y and Z
Nowadays, rappers using my elementary bars
But even then grades are unsatisfactory cards
Report my retorts like tattletales, like rat em out
Yet they instigated it, in here saying let's battle now
So I figured that I better give them decency, give a little piece of me
Cause they rough riding even when I keep on easy street even though I know they couldn't beat this beat
I don't have to try to show em up; they even showing up cause their flowing sucks
Never stay on top like broken ducks, making Ernie cuss in his funky tub
But when I come commercial, it's unpredictable: Old Spice
Cause I was a plus size rhyme sayer ever since I honed my
Technique at eleven, never letting up; leveling up better publications
Came from this blazing undercover Caucasian
Waiting patient (sick) disorderly when I conduct
Like a Philharmonic director seizing during Knuck if you Buck
Acting drunk as a skunk, but I'm never clutching a cup
And this verse demonstrates I been always going dumb as a dunce

I'm grinning. Yea, yea, I'm grinning (x3)
Middle class bro; Top-City Civilian

Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than me doing you (x3)
Better than me doing you, but they say that that's what I do

Verse 2:
Figure Four-ing his flow form. Pick a smash, got crap loads
#ImSoRare, but hip hop fans just don't care
We're both weird, it's no fair: We're still two dudes, yo
Though we are similar, we still differ; who's who though?
Ask somebody... (seriously, I want you to go find someone...after this)
Ask them now which one's flowing
It's not to see who's better, b-but if you pick a quote up
My father is who I'm more of: A Kansan who lives in Florida
Veer off? I'm on route tripping following road rules
Don't mean that old show fool! Ya'll dudes sigh that O₂
Cause I'm fresh air and ya'll reign is lame like A.K.A.
Hand clap, hand clap, or A Bay Bay
Trap rap is garbage I'm here to clean up
Hear the radio, I quote Mamma Mia
Here we go again like Keenan, you schemer
Never get the green; I'm covered like Skeeter
Not your cousin, cause got no puppeteer
And no Meagan Good, but I'd like to meet her
Even back then, a 90's baby here, bruh
Played the Game Freak and decided to heat up
(Ohh!) I was in school, son, in fourth grade
My debut when I said dude, I'ma spit some flames
So I even care if I got a childish name!

I'm grinning. Yea, yea, I'm grinning
Middle class bro; Top-City Civilian



from The People's Mixtape Vol. 2: The Wish List, released August 5, 2016
Reproduced by MODEzart


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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