The People's Mixtape Vol. 2: The Wish List

by Fiyablasta

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This is the follow up to the first People's Mixtape which is built upon fan requested remixes & covers. This also the supposed last mixtape from Fiyablasta, therefore includes fan favorite songs that never appeared on an official release.


released August 5, 2016

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Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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Track Name: J.A.I.
See when I grab the pen, the thoughts sprawl forth
And once in a while, I drop a wild draw four
Then haters change their colors and join the in crowd
That's the game brothers play when they try to bring my "n" out
But you know the "Uno" ain't privy to get ignorant,
Belligerent; twisting fists with a ninja with a difference in
Opinion or way of living, I'll just spit him my truth
And if he don't listen, oh well; it's still put in the booth
I'll let others take heed and proceed with caution
And see there's no need for a fear of Martians
The Jupiteran is present to show you something alien
But even xenophobics say my flow's sick; so thank you, homosapien
I'm glad you can relate me to greatness my statements seem basic
But with Lasik the placement of an "A" kick can make a faker flagrant
Now pay rent! You owe me, son, like I am your parent
I demand it! Excuse me, like I'm going a tan gent's shoes
No Half Stepping like Kane's my big dad
Undertaker taught me to choke slam them into the big mat
With that, when I get to a town, stomp beats with my word pictures
On the canvas. Now, they can't spit back. Get that?
Or is that too complex like Jinx and Alex
Bask in my Thugnificence, til you say he reeks of talent
Meek can challenge that this bar ain't written by the 6 God
But will thank him later soon as his Hotline Bling Back to Back 'bout Mill shanking air
So you missed the cut while I'm a cut above
You want to turn up like Fisticuffs, I want to Busta Buss
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
And haters shut your trap and follow me on Abe's Oddysee
Cause your words don't move me like I'm in my Coretta zone
Don't make sense to me, and I even got Rosetta Stone
Something I can't invest in, so go and write some better songs
'Til then, I have no interest and radio's left alone
So give me the aux cord: I'll put on K. Dot or
Stik Figa to rock your speaker to change dot
Organically morphing your taste to something great
From the musical aspect or simply how much you relate
Put you on to who raised me, shaped me, and placed me on my ten toes
Who put in work to make me feel I'm Bruh Man from the Fifth Floor
Cause the mainstream cats you listen to kick flows
Could never match my Michael Jai, and this is Just An Intro
Track Name: I Know (Remix)
Verse 1:
Now let me get flexing
My range of motion is every direction
Calisthenics for my tongue is best when
It's a hip hop instrumental I'm wrecking
My mind's too swift like a letter for Taylor
Gang knew I was trouble when I walked in with paper
And pencil and watched it shake like a tip drill
Recorded tres songs, now I know the neighbors
Know my name is synonymous to spitting flames
And I let my songs bang like neglectful parents nowadays
I'm quite witty not from the inner city but around it
So when I had detention I was grounded
Reality set in so while I was sitting
The only bad I got away with was with this pen
So I intentionally added -itentiary
That's some hot bars the results were incendiary
But you'll never catch it, cause the method I invest in is for the reader's digestion
In between the lines, thinking that you'll find it'll blow your mind like sweeping minds
My kind are sleeping giants; why you want to kick me out my slumber
That's why I keep in hiding; you don't want to count my victim number
"Now why?" It's high. "Don't lie!" Don't mind my subtly
But I befuddle emcees the sudden moment I bludgeon beats
Like Slaughterhouse with the "Hammer Dance"; No touching me
Tripping trying to cross Fiya's cross wires, I'm busting heat
Kablam! I'm Prometheus with your head bobbing
Head nodding to the beat knocking. Who's there? Me socking
Punchlines all over the tube so you all know it's Haynes
That's called branding, searing hot into your brain
The name's Fiya, B, I know you had the first
Rendition but I'm thinking that you'll like this verse
And replay it thrice as many times it took to rehearse

(I Know)
That I set the coolest atmosphere
Ain't got to wait for the best cause I'm already here and
(I Know)
That all ya'll gonna hate
Because I'm doing big things out the plain state and
(I Know)
That I can sing better than most of you cats
And got more skills than ya'll that be trying to rap and
(I know, just want to make sure all ya'll know. And I know...)

Verse 2:
How to make this awk(ward)
Man I thought my train was unstop(pable)
Alright who's kick him out the stu(dio)
Now I got to think of how to make this one take sound cool
Cause what you say you can't take back
So I write history in these rhyme books so you can face facts
That now it's indelible that my raps are incredible
Even if they ain't legible, they're never unintelligible
I understand if you're overwhelmed
Cause like the Frozen film, my power is to leave you in a colder realm
But I don't have to build a snowman persona like Jeezy
Just watch the temp drop, boy, like Soulja Tell'em
Don't mean to be a donk, excuse my french let me be Franc
I'm taking music back to ragtime; honky tonk
Cause I'll call you out if you think you're competition
I'll battle all your catalog of songs you've written cause


Cross step, cross step
Hop (forward), hop (back), hop (forward), hop (back and)
Cross step, cross step
A-do the hopscotch, (a-do the hopscotch), a-do the hopscotch, (a-do the hopscotch)
Get funky! A-Hopscotch -repeat 8x-
Track Name: Dunes
See I never really do this type of thing
But I never seen this body on a human being
When baby girl come rock her hips
She got me like, "I need her here"
She hot, boy, and I must admit
She like the sands of Egypt
Them Dunes

Verse 1:
Good golly, miss molly! she wobbling
But focus on the Sovereign
Lord blessed you
And I swear this is a case of peer pressure
You know them girls when they walk past
Stop *gasp* Hot damsel
In a dress or apparel that makes you stare for
A while and she foxy; hmm..."Do a barrel roll!"
With them ham hocks, got Instagram popping
Trap Queen when it comes to the thirsty
Dad said, "Don't date 'til you're thirty."
But she might get herself Haynes her way
Flirting with "Danger"
Mystikal warned me about that
But he ain't seen she, trust me.
He ain't seen bouncing back


Verse 2:
You a bad girl that look good?
(Oh yea! Homeboy, that's me!)
And in your DM's there's a flood?
(Oh yea! Homeboy, that's me!)
Got that Shakira, Beyonce?
That Ciara, Tinashe?
Say, "Homeboy, that's me!"
(Oh yea! Homeboy, that's me!)
Them "Hips Don't Lie" in your "Formation"
I "Promise" the "Party Favors" your gyrations
Need hydration like California
And you look like a storm waiting
I can't keep calm before you, babe
You caught my eye, I know you flame
Emojis, and in those jeans
I'm just hoping I don't nosebleed


Verse 3:
Once upon a time not long ago
First time at the club when it's not a show
Knew how it goes: EDM to the trap rap
Drinks, smoke clouds, sticky floors where you dance at
Figured I would do me and just keep on grooving
Coworkers were ooh-ing 'til I saw this booty
"Jingalin", baby; #nowthatsludacris
What's LL Cool is they knew who it is
Introduced the chick, then back to moving hips
But I was new to this, like, "Are you viewing this?"
Only seen this sight in the music vids
Pretty face with the maximus gluteus
And she was using it like a mating call
Cause them shorts made them movements rated R
Stepped to the side to resist temptation
Cause I knew this would be the conversation
See I never really do this type of thing
But I bet you're dying to come have a dance with me
So, baby girl, you rock your hips
I'll get a grip behind you, miss
You like that then we can dip
And have a night you won't forget

Chorus 2:
But see I never really do that type of thing
But I never seen this body on a human being
When baby girl come rock her hips
She got me like, "I need her here"
She hot, boy, and I must admit
She like the sands of Egypt
Them Dunes
Track Name: Sweatpants
Verse 1:
No Mizzou, I'm from T-O-P
Since preschool, had that M-I-C
Now bust raps, cause at first I sing
These W, X, Y and Z
Nowadays, rappers using my elementary bars
But even then grades are unsatisfactory cards
Report my retorts like tattletales, like rat em out
Yet they instigated it, in here saying let's battle now
So I figured that I better give them decency, give a little piece of me
Cause they rough riding even when I keep on easy street even though I know they couldn't beat this beat
I don't have to try to show em up; they even showing up cause their flowing sucks
Never stay on top like broken ducks, making Ernie cuss in his funky tub
But when I come commercial, it's unpredictable: Old Spice
Cause I was a plus size rhyme sayer ever since I honed my
Technique at eleven, never letting up; leveling up better publications
Came from this blazing undercover Caucasian
Waiting patient (sick) disorderly when I conduct
Like a Philharmonic director seizing during Knuck if you Buck
Acting drunk as a skunk, but I'm never clutching a cup
And this verse demonstrates I been always going dumb as a dunce

I'm grinning. Yea, yea, I'm grinning (x3)
Middle class bro; Top-City Civilian

Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than me doing you (x3)
Better than me doing you, but they say that that's what I do

Verse 2:
Figure Four-ing his flow form. Pick a smash, got crap loads
#ImSoRare, but hip hop fans just don't care
We're both weird, it's no fair: We're still two dudes, yo
Though we are similar, we still differ; who's who though?
Ask somebody... (seriously, I want you to go find someone...after this)
Ask them now which one's flowing
It's not to see who's better, b-but if you pick a quote up
My father is who I'm more of: A Kansan who lives in Florida
Veer off? I'm on route tripping following road rules
Don't mean that old show fool! Ya'll dudes sigh that O₂
Cause I'm fresh air and ya'll reign is lame like A.K.A.
Hand clap, hand clap, or A Bay Bay
Trap rap is garbage I'm here to clean up
Hear the radio, I quote Mamma Mia
Here we go again like Keenan, you schemer
Never get the green; I'm covered like Skeeter
Not your cousin, cause got no puppeteer
And no Meagan Good, but I'd like to meet her
Even back then, a 90's baby here, bruh
Played the Game Freak and decided to heat up
(Ohh!) I was in school, son, in fourth grade
My debut when I said dude, I'ma spit some flames
So I even care if I got a childish name!

I'm grinning. Yea, yea, I'm grinning
Middle class bro; Top-City Civilian

Track Name: Clique feat. Miss Nana
(Fiyablasta's part only)
Chorus 1:
Ain't nobody fresher than Miss Nana on the Clique (3x)
But I must interrupt and say excuse me
Excuse me (2x)

Excuse me miss, I'll use my gift to get your attention
Bars I flex so hard the audience feels the tension
Hope you get the massage...they're tighter than most
So they're liking my posts and love it when I frighten my foes
Requiems for the haters, but save the Ave Marias
Cuz this hymn hems up the beef like flour tortillas
Here's the whole enchilada: I'm a lot of you brothers' problem
Predicament, cuz I'm predicting hits and you ain't get the hint
So my words are ahead of my era and I'm noting your error
In dying to blow up like terrorist Arabs
But fiya works show I can do it anytime
With variety in mind, so I'm on my grind
While these rappers be lollygagging then missing in action
I'm bodybagging beats for target practice to they know I'm packing
Heat. That's dragon speak and this beast been fasting this week
And you're looking like a snack to eat
So gather your team and I'll have a bag of Chee-
Tos ya'll cheesy and swear some of ya'll flaming
Wearing those ladies leggings and those purses you be naming
Fashionistas crying watching Lifetime
Saying they popping bottles when they're really sipping Mai Tais
Now I know you ain't taking shots; No AA, no AK
Your game face looking like you're AKA
So step off like amateurs on DDR
Or I'll permanently burn you like a Maxwell CD-R
See these bars when I take you off air
I'm pulling the plug. It's not fair
You warming the bench, I'm top tier
You don't make the cut, I'm hot shears
I hear my cheers five years in advance
Cuz I just got here, but I'm so sick, didn't know if they'd get the chance
Store up your guap to cop my project that'll cost an arm
A leg and kidney when I'm dead and six feet
So take advantage of the mess you get free
Music's where I excel so get the best of me
So rid your ears of the wack rhymes that the rest will speak
That's how I show you less than 3: Wreck the entire beat
Cuz ain't nobody better than Fiya B on the Clique

Chorus 2:
Ain't nobody fresher than Miss Nana on the Clique
And ain't nobody better than Fiya B on the Clique
It's Newark Illy and Top-City ripping up the Clique
Ripping up the...(3x)
Track Name: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Sittin' In The Morning Sun
I'll be Sittin' When The Evening Comes
Watching the ships roll in
Then I watch 'em roll away again,
I'm Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Watching The Tide Roll Away
I'm Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Wastin' Time

I Left My Home In Kansas
Headed For The Tampa Bay
Cause I Don't Have Nothing To Live For
And Look Like Nothing's
Gonna Come My Way
So I'll Just
Sit On The Dock Of The Bay
Watching The Tide Roll Away
I'm Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Wastin' Time

Looks Like nothing's gonna change
Everything still remains the same
I can't do what
Ten People Tell Me To Do
So I guess I'll remain the same

Sittin' Here Resting My Bones
And This Loneliness
Won't Leave Me Alone, Listen
10,000 miles I've roamed
Just To Make This Dock My Home
So I'm Gon'
Sit At The Dock Of The Bay
Watching The Tide Roll Away
Ooh Wee
I'm Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Wastin' Time

And as I'm sitting, I spitting these rhythms to escape
Cause this system is getting grimaces on my face
And sometimes I feel alone, not always right at home
So I just start singing blues regardless of my tone
Cause I can't always grab the phone to call someone to ease my mind
Don't always remember prayer when I'm caught in the grind
Depression is very real, but time I'd rather kill
And spill my sadness onto the page to hopefully make us feel
Track Name: Stay with Me
Verse 1:
Yes, it's true. I am good. You can take my hand
I can show you my ways are higher than man
In the end you will see according to plan
Love & peace, righteousness all throughout the land

So won't you stay with me
Cause I'm all you need
I am love and soon you'll see
If you stay with me

Verse 2:
Here's my letter to you so you'll have my word
It will show you the way and if you don't swerve
Even if the world's ills start to eat your nerves
I will send holy spirit when your prayer's heard


Verse 3:
Though time's are worrisome
His guidelines aren't burdensome
There's wisdom in every line
Penned down by earthen ones
Inspired by God like a boss to a secretary
So we're well equipped; the Bible, we're meant to carry
And its message we spread to all
The good news that wickedness is to fall
And Jehovah's sovereignty will be upheld
So draw to him and he'll draw you to the truth unveiled that

Verse 1

Track Name: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Verse 1:
Here's a little remake I wrote
And I'm going to sing it note for note
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Even when life will make me dash
And I spin out in my car and crash
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Don't Worry, Be Happy now x2

Verse 2:
I was happy by serving Christ
And then found the parts at a great price
So don't worry, be happy
When you work for the greater good
Knowing that you helped as much as you could
You don't worry and be happy


Verse 3:
When you begin to feel that stress
Remember what made you #blessed
And don't worry, be happy
Cause the effort to spread a smile
Allows you to go the extra mile
And don't worry, be happy

Chorus x2
Track Name: Happy (Remix)
Verse 1:
It might seem crazy what I'm about to say
Sunshine, she's here, you can take a break
I'm a hot air balloon that can go to space
With the air like I don't care, baby, by the way

(Because I'm happy)
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
(Because I'm happy)
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
(Because I'm happy)
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
(Because I'm happy)
Clap along if you know that that's what you're going to do

Verse 2:
Here comes bad news talking this and that
(Overworked, underpaid, over stressed; do you understand?)
Give me all you got; don't hold it back
(Life gets hard, but with God in my plans, I'll be in His hands)
I should probably warn you, I'll be just fine
(Making moves with my view up above and the love around)
No offense to you, don't waste your time
(Because mine is assigned to the divine, now let joy abound)

Chorus (in beat change)

Verse 3:
I'm just looking on the bright side
Cause with G-O-D, it's the right side
Breath in my lungs for a message
Fresh on my tongue on beats where I get to have fun
Providing my sustenance, shelter from thunder & lightning
Enlightening my mind when His words I'm reciting
Reminding that minding the spirit
Providing my lyrics is coming from my prayer's hearer
Blessings on blessings
Came after stressing on lessons
That I'd try to bear alone; he said, "Take my yoke"
Now I don't struggle until six with my woes
That load ain't a burden on me
Living life with no worry only
Following the Word on beats
That's where I drop verses, homie
I'm happy and I know it
I ain't afraid to show it
These simple words from a poet
Couldn't be any more potent
Cause when the going's tough
The tough get going
To the helping hand open
The Almighty Hand is what I'm holding
I know I'm happy!

Track Name: The Gimmicks
I see the gimmicks, the wack, & the real (x8)

Verse 1:
I give the real so you can pick apart the counterfeits
And if you ever doubted it, then turn this track up louder
Tip your ears to the speaker or cover your earbuds
And listen to get the lyrics; no need for you to sear bud
It's simple, use your mental like I did
Or go online and put the RapGenius before your eyelids
You will see no evil just like you will hear none
Won't rap about a gangsta party since I don't beer guns
Bear...arms no Smokey; don't be toking
Or be dosing, 'cept Ibuprofen
Been getting sore from these gains by throwing these barbells
Moving so much metaphorical weight, you'd think I'm a cartel
(But you're a NERD!) Yea, No one Ever Really Dies
From the product that I'm pushing even though we call them lines
You can bump it all day and it still won't be a crime
Cause basically I lace a beat so I can blow your mind


Verse 2:
I see a bunch of rappers with your beats but no substance
I see you only repeat chants cause you can't throw punches
I see that many trap rappers can't do this track justice
I see I gotta teach these people just how I does this
First, I might think of patterns sweeter than Hi-C
Or maybe punches colder than hands holding ICEEs
And as an emcee that makes me move crowds that I cease
With the flow; the crowds roaring, drowning out the high seas
See what I did? (I See) See that I been rare? (Ah, si)
Tienes fuego? (Ah, si) Then keep it blaring, bro
I bet you're all wondering what I see when I spit so icy
And many folks in my scene aren't snow capped where I'm seen
Well let me break it down on the M-I-C
When it comes to rap M-U-S-I-C
Even with a G-I-M-M-I-C-K
I'm still hip hop's H-N-I-C

Track Name: Wax - Don't Need (Remix) feat. Fiyablasta
[Verse 1 - Wax]
Sitting on a park bench on the D Low
Feeling like Clark Kent's alter-ego
Throwing out bread smidgens
To the eager-to-be-fed pigeons
I could loaf around, laugh all day
But unless I got another loaf around, they fly away
I wish that I could fly too
I'd fly to a lake and sit in somebody's canoe
I wouldn't care if it were strapped with no oars
Cause I'd be in no rush to make it back to the shore
I'm not an athletic specimen
But I can float with the best of them
People tend to act real pushy
But you can't put a strain on my brain, it's too mushy
I just recline in the sun
Stumble through life until my time is done
Cause I-

Don’t need no palace paved with gold
Don’t need more cash than banks can hold

[Verse 2 - Fiyablasta]
Watching cars zoom as I walk to my tunes
In a world of my own that you'll learn about soon
The crowd I impress are ducks, squirrels, and 'squitos
The fame and the fortune? Nah, I don't need those
Give me an iPod and my bars will make you say, "My God!"
At least I thought until some dogs bark
Startled, but I laugh it off. Look back at the passing cars
Then to make it better I trip on the slanted sidewalk
Wow, SMH!
Then the shame fades away jamming to the bass
At the stoplight, dancing like I'm trying to get the spotlight
People know if I don't have headphones, something's not right
Walk light comes on, I check both ways
Drivers see me lip syncing to every single song that plays
I don't care if they claim that that boy cray
Cause I know those who wave would agree when I say


[Verse 3 - Wax]
You can catch me on a playground swing
Back and forth smilin' doing my thing
Passers-by often color me dumb
But I don't care man, I'm comfortably numb
They looking at me real strangely
But their perceptions don't change me
I bet if I jumped at the right trajectory
I'd fly right over them and land in a special seat
On the crest of the moon with a fishing pole
Cast in the earth in some distant hole
Pull up a catfish I wouldn't gut it
I would play with it, and love it
I'm sorry for the hole that spanned your lip
A small price for good old companionship
Loneliness is a mountain, a massive climb
I'm on the other side, happy, just passing time

Track Name: Guilty Pleasure
Verse 1:
I was that dude you never heard of
And the minute you played my verses I was murking, you was like "Did this nerd just?"
Abstract Dragon clashing fragments in fractions
Of seconds, wrecking sentences with the penmanship; killing it
But on my best behavior
Never repping a weapon, only my chest with air
Wanted to hate the game, but not test the player
The new underrated artist when the rest compare
Almost wanted to drop the pen due to lack of shares
Never really got the checks like Nike so the music rarely airs
But when the people listen and get it, tell me they feel it then split it
Well can you mention the skill set to all your friends? Don't conceal it
Let it go or else I'll go cold; never touch a microphone
Write a song; music is my life, but homes
Motivation's killed when you try to show your skills
And you feel the work you've given is appreciated then hidden
If I'm your guilty pleasure, this is my plea bargain
Confess your love, then I'll be at large and
Become the criminal behind bars to get hardened
Creating more tracks to bump in your cars, man
Or woman; and equal opportunity
Matter of fact, this isn't even how I meant to use this beat
But to prove my point that it's silly to feel so guilty
We'll switch beats and finally get witty on the TB

Don't even try
To plead not G-U-I
L-T-Y, you're guilty
You know that you're guilty
Of feeling the emcee
That is from Top-City

Verse 2:
I was thinking out loud: Jojo
I'll put that in the Blackground: Oh no!
A low blow of an old joke
If you're slow, bro, then you'll never catch up when I showboat
I'm not a Pokemon, but a Fiyablasta
Rahh Rahh! Like your die caster
How I slide them DM's to your Dungeon Master
Cause I'm all that and a bag of Funyuns after
They say I'm pretty fly for a white guy
In a black shell. Hmm...what a wise-cracker
But I ain't in no ritzy club eating fancy cheese
It's making me saltine; I don't have that life hack, sir
But I've been privileged with ripping these writtens
And spitting these rhythms in a system driven to make me die faster
But enough of the PSA, cause they want the dope rap rhyme chapter
Or die of laughter: hardy har har
Parts that you get late; our light from far stars
Jarring as interviews when you're sparring with Nardwuar
Bars that hurt your franchise; scarring as Jar Jar


Verse 3:
So I'm thinking right now
Even though his lyrics waning, scheming like wow
Pipe down those claiming that I bite sounds
I call it sampling and chopping it to make it tight, clown
Cause I'm ringleader; Barnum & Bailey
Bar none, you're bailing like some who's skating and hitting the pavement
I'm "Hawking" like Tony and Stephen combined
By grinding and using my beautiful mind
To trap you in black holes of genius rhyme
At the tip of my fingers. You wiggity wack spitters
Fidgeting, unwilling to get in line
When handing whoopings
Sonning rappers through adoption
Cause I'll spank you with your style
Snatched it when you weren't looking
Didn't think I was an option
But you see I rock your crowd
Now your fan base is moving
Guess you should have took precautions
Before you saw my storm clouds
Now you're washed up and I've proven
That a Kansan can be awesome
The Abstract King will be crowned
The Civilian's ill when he's the Dragon smashing
All the hardest artist and your greatest favorites
Oh! My bad, now I guess I'm guilty
You're my biggest fan now and I'll have to kill me

Track Name: Child's Play
And they say snatch that beat like whoa
Smash that hit like bros
Jump that beat like Mario with goombas down
Are you sure? Cause you won't like any version that came before...
Oh we know this is Child's Play; own it like Nintendo
Here we go
Million miles a minute, killing while I'm grinning
Feeling like Fox on Final Destination
At EVO; melee FTW;
Maybe it'll trouble you without fascination
With competitive gaming, but that is changing
Even Lupe spitting flaming hadoukens
Sure you can see the Logic when emcees playing
Like Whoa
Shouldn't be surprised that we're into this
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
See Juicy is a tune linking
Games to streets on this loose leaf
Here's my two weeks notice, I'll quit playing with y'all
Mixtapes just aren't my fix, yet it's made me withdraw
But this game I'll take seriously, matter of fact, I'm enthralled
To let my creativity free in trampoline parks; off the wall
Bouncing; Own beats, own rhymes, own style, on time
Rousing my fans, my camp; I'll make my jams
Dousing this fiery passion has been nearly impossible
But housing me in industry beats is making me sick with no hospital
Cause you can't diagnose this
But I still think I'll put this in the category of lack of Focus
Like Will and Margot in showbiz
When Suicide Squad is you and your dogs
Making a killing for the good of all
Painted as villains on the boulevard
But they swilling like liquor when the flow is hard
Drunk with power, I am Sam when you're downing Adams
Handling alcohol poorly, handing no keys to the Grand Am
-ateurs til maturity is seen with all security
Or hand the ride to the DD that kept his body's purity
Sure it's me, Daredevil when it's time to start swerving streets
Or serving peeps justice that's blind and never blurry
Behold comic relief when we Marvel at weak beef
When the man of stealing lyrics drops 2 and then deceased
Like bro!
But forget silly remixes, because it ain't gonna fix it
I'll just flow...
But I still wanted to rip this, for my last mixtape, The Wish List
Time to go
Track Name: AfterTouch Cypher (Too Cold)
Tripping down memory lane with classic hip hop
Using our celebrity name so they call us trip hop
They thought I was lame so watch lips drop
When they see me running the game even when I kick rocks
Cuz it was a boulder, and the results were avalanches
Traveling to make damages; I made a smash hit ya'll!
Like Tik Tok, but you say it's big talk like Rick Ross
That's why I bare it all in the club and dub it Nip Hop
Lines, I'm making them slipknot: Easy by rocking awkwardly
Throwing them off, verbally vomiting; Gotta make em cringe
Killing like Jigsaw and they feeling queasy. Well the doc is in
Giving you the option pop in my CD or rusty syringe
Filled with VD. I'll give you a sec
You bet!
It's no rip off cuz even if competition
Doubles down they're too (two) chicken
To start dissing a word"smith" when
He's midwes'ing (wesson) and Crip walks
So they'll get lost or ticked off like a wrist watch
That gets washed and isn't water resistant
But if you insist then, know I'm flowing
Like the Pacific and you're skinny dipping
I'm too COLD!
Track Name: Shuffle
Verse 1:
When I saw you from across the room
I saw that you were grooving and thought of this tune
It goes, "I love the way you move"
"I love the way. I love the way"
Do you know and outcast cast out his shell?
Well you have one in the flesh although I wear it well
I figured I should take this chance, since you like to dance
And this happens to be one of my jams
Here's my hand, miss; take it, unless I'm mistaken
Ones like you get taken, but if I ain't late then
We can get footloose, exchanging good moves
And if you're in the mood, we'll chat over good food
So want to do some shuffling?
And if your heart is hurting from another man
Then I can give you a reason to love again
If you don't want to opt out for some other plans

Let's Shuffle
If you don't have nobody to love you
Then give me a chance if you want to
Yea, let's skedaddle; girl, let's get out of here

Verse 2:
And you can tell me what will jail me
No bailing out with every selling point
Bet I won't mind doing time in the joint venture
When I get lost in your eyes (oh...)
Hope I'm just your type
Cause I know that you're sporting everything I like
So I'll cover your order, would you like a bite?
Word? I love a girl with an appetite
Let's go! And please tell me where you hail from
You seem like a lost queen like a Pharrell song
I know a guy who's really interested is seldom
But you're God's work and like this steak I'd say you're well done
I want to do some shuffling
Cause if your heart is hurting from some other man
Then I can give you a reason to love again
If you don't want to opt out for some other plans


Verse 3:
Cause ain't this fun?
And baby I feel like this pairing has just begun
We can take it slow, honey, just keep my number
And you can make the call if I come up
After we part, but you have my heart
And I truly think that we could be a work of art
A picture of love, worth a thousand words
I'm willing to be chosen since the choice is yours


I want to do some shuffling
Cause if your heart is hurting from another man
Then I can give you a reason to love again
If you don't want to opt out for some other plans
Then we can do some shuffling
Moving to our heartbeat in each other's hands
Thankful that we both gave love another chance
Yea, let's skedaddle; girl, let's get out of here
Track Name: Art Show
Verse 1:
Here's the vision from broke and average: everyone hopes for lavish
But won't cope with scratches and cuts to contusions and bruises
Building music for folks to say his flow's savage
They think that it's magic, hoping a club hit can maket them established
These days labels can't construct the acts that they manage so if they see crowd builder they'll grab it
But if you want longevity, the craft is what you should practice
From the pen to the stage, that'll make people swipe the plastic on branding you package
Cause you got to be more than rap addicts; the greatest acquaintance of all your fanatics
They connect to your social, your lyrics, your ad libs
Then when they're feeling your talents
Finally you can balance the executive challenge
You're becoming he franchise you can pitch up like them Chipmunks & Alvin
Plus by that time, you're just getting extensions for shipping and handling
Cause your business and your spitting made you the one they're demanding

People all question since I know the method
And lyrically wrecking, why is it farfetched that
My art can make me blow
This is my message, it may make you breathless
And if you don't get it, I'll put it on record
And just let my art show

Verse 2:
My dear, my dear, my dear,
You do not know me, but I know you very well
Now let me tell you about the feelings I have for you
When I try to think about how it'd work out
I shout cause I know the outcome of the route
Miss Fortune, I know you're bad and the company you keep
What you want from a man, and I could make a clean sweep
But the Stakes is High and that's De La Soul, I play the role
The lane I rode would be a dangerous road
Those who paid the toll, you drove wild when you gave the go
Saying that you take it slow...Ha!
We know that you're fast, girl. Word is Fame's a hoe
Angel? No...demonizing, but the truth is true. Ain't it though?
Middle name must be nasty, how you've done people so dirty
Saw the ugly on the inside and decided you ain't worthy
I could be one of the best to have you, but I find it more important
To be happy with my choices, so goodbye Miss Fame N. Fortune

People all question since I know the method
And lyrically wrecking, why is it farfetched that
My art can make me blow
This is my message, it may make you breathless
And if you don't get it, I'll put it on record
And just let my art show
I'm no longer tempted to get in a business
Where there's people in it who just want to witness
Your downfall when they know
You can be better than anyone selling
But if you can't get enough profit, they're bailing
So I'll just keep my soul
In my art show
Track Name: Tori Kelly - Dear No One (Remix) feat. Fiyablasta
Verse 1:
I like being independent, not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do
I like being by myself, don’t gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me their jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we’re old
Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you till the end

So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you
But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone
Cause when the time is right
You’ll be here, but for now
Dear no one, this is your love song

Verse 2:
I don’t really like big crowds
I tend to shut people out
I like my space, yeah
But I’d love to have a soul mate
God will give him to me someday
And I know it’ll be worth the wait

So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you
But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone (oooh)
Cause when the time is right
You’ll be here, but for now
Dear no one, this is your love song

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me their jacket when it's cold
Got that young love even when we’re old
Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you till the end

Verse 3 - Fiyablasta:
Well Tori, Tori, makes me wish I had somebody like you
So basically, that means that no one's like you, right? Ooh
Guess that wording could leave the line skewed
Or maybe it's good PR that I'm missing my cue
But scratch that, cause I ain't planning to mingle. No problems in being single,
Cause that allows me to focus on writing another jingle she'll sing to
See, I can't help it; I'm selfish
Wanting to give out a love so selfless
I want to protect and serve when I'm feeling blue with no boo
But I protest the burn a heart feels if love fell through
But when I'm in it, I'm committed. No signs of becoming winded.
My love will run marathons bonded to who is gripping
The baton and as long as our hearts race, our place
Won't matter cause we're both at the finish line
But for now, I'm waiting patient with no one sitting adjacent
Cause that time is in His hands while a pen's in mine

So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you
But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone
Cause when the time is right
You’ll be here, but for now
Dear no one, this is your love song
Track Name: Why Stop Now
Why stop now?
I've come too far
To wear these battle scars
To throw in the towel
Through the tears and depression
Persevered the oppression
And I'm still not broken down
So why stop now?
Cause I don't see the reason
To make it out breathing
Without learning the meaning
Why I can't back down
And survive somehow
I got to figure it out
So why stop now?

Verse 1:
Act 1: Ask one what I've been through
For the sake of the pad and the pencil
Kicking and screaming, I fought for my chances
Spitting these schemes when they thought I don't have it
But I grabbed it, and never put it down
And put it down for Topeka to try and make that middle ground
They feel it now, cause even though I got them getting down
I'm making music that won't leave they're IQ's whittled down
First off, I tried writing the worst thoughts
Trying to claim third degrees in the third grade
In that summer, I came to my senses
Why fake it and be a young kid with censors
What's my message? Well, I'm the best kid
To make you chant and dance 'til the crowd's breathless
And I guessed it was all that I needed
The first record succeeded; but proceeding
To middle school, I got dirty looks
And the haters saying I got nerdy hooks
Well, yea I'm intelligent. If you can tell then it's
OK, but truthfully, inside I felt like ish
Weighted down with the pressure to change
Cause they wanted me to rap about the jewels and the Range
But I don't have any one of those things
So for me, to stretch the truth sounded strange
Freshman me was in musical puberty
Cause people challenging my talent was new to me
My old school, feel good raps were corny
And I couldn't pen tracks that warrant warnings
To parents, so it's apparent
Acceptance ain't something I can inherit
I became earnest in earning my spot in hip hop
Pumping songs from my heart, so I'd die if I stop


Verse 2:
I see no reason in quitting
Since I'm so seasoned with spitting
Though I ain't even been mentioned
With all the Yeezy's and Kendrick's
Cause a freshman list can't reflect my gift
Even MTV can't expect my hits
Cause ATV is the best description
Of every writ song
Off-roading; download it
And you'll see my road ain't paved
I may cross paths someone else has came from
But I run this trail I've blazed
So are you following the Fiya?
Cause the pencil's the torch I'm carrying
While competitors try to bury
Cause my flow can't be contained like aquariums
There's no such thing as rap without me in it
Music's what they do, but I breathe in it
Notes in my lungs; quote off the tongue
My heart beats to the rhythm of the kick drum
Fingers twitch to the click of the snare
Envisioning the synthesized chords in the air
Melodies compelling me like a dose of adrenaline
You're going to miss when I'm gone like a song Anna Kendrick sings
I'm "Pitch Perfect"; a rebel with will, son
So why stop now when they're filling the building
To sing along with their hands up to the ceiling


Violin Solo