Killing Spree

from by Fiyablasta



Swag swag swag



Verse 1:
Ya'll rappers don't want none
The boy been a beast after year one
And right now is the fifteenth
You're no threat to the vet, so why grit teeth
Mean mug all you want, cause I'm still gonna slaughter
Like it ain't no toss up like your dang ensalada, (uh)
Why dress it up when the abstract Caesar's
Making sure you eat your words before you get your just desserts
They say that's overkill, I told them show me skill
And maybe I'll be nice and ensure that you wrote your will
Otherwise the spoils are mine
In about 6 seconds like your boy did a vine
(Got em!) Deez Nuts punchlines on standby
While you're bringing no bars like you're stuck with a landline
(And still I cut-) Don't say nothing to me, boy
You look like anoth' munchkin to be destroyed

I'm just going on a killing spree
And I'm destroying by just going at it lyrically
They're annoying being lower than me mentally
So I end my grief and take them six feet deep
This is the funeral as we proceed
I'm pall bearer til your buried while your folks bereave
And the epitaph of your headstone reads
Another victim of my killing spree

Verse 2:
I am a nightmare walking; psychopath taunting
Enemies like an emcee on TV copping
If you cross my ref, you're oft to get the songs I wreck
And often test your artist best
And flex my muscle memory from my brain to the pen that bleeds
Back to my head and then my speech ending with my reach gripping cheese
That's the payout for a hitman, g
Making a killing in the game is how you get that 1337
It ain't Destiny it's more like a Call of Duty
To see a Titanfall in the Battlefield cause I'm truly
A slayer of supposed untouchables like they're beings with Halos
But I'm SOCOM collecting W's with a say so
They claim hacks and mods cause they don't have the bars
And went from acting hard to the broad way
You're Caroline in a verse by Andre
Or a nightmare of Kanye: Get Rekt, "All Day"!


Verse 3:
Just check it, my methods ain't reckless
Premeditate deading these pest with
The sharpness of my brain that entertains like gladiators in the ring
Of the Colosseum; all are beaten; call them how I see them
Eenie Meanie Miney Mo, pick a victim by the flow, pass the weapon the microphone, load a clip and let it blow (Pow!)
My ammo: sentences and fragments, so back up like ad libs
Or become target practice ravaged by the savage rapper, Fiyablasta AKA total package
Unraveling this master's habit of smashing rappers. It's well established, I can't kick
Entrenched writtens without some trench digging
Been killing it in this game so long they can't bench him
Cause I take shots, it's hard to brick
And steal to rock crowds crossover to the smarter pick
I slaughter Knicks rapping about "ball is life"
It's about the music, man, and this art I write
Is all I strike them down with, my bars are tight
And news reports will all read who got mauled tonight




from Still Have My Day Job, released September 7, 2015
Produced by BlipMasta5


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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