Go Ape

from by Fiyablasta



Give them hi hat and little bass
A hard hitting kick just to make the trunk shake
And then an emcee with wordplay
That'll make them go ape (ooh ahh huzzah)
You in the club then you know what to play
A cool little ditty that will make them say aye
You can bet they can't stay in one place
And go ape (ooh ahh huzzah)

Verse 1:
Time to go bananas; lose control of manners
No sophistication; know the hit that's playing
S'posed to make you go ape and I
Give permission for losing your inhibition
By getting down to my sound as it pounds; louder now
Gather round! Moving crowds was always my profession
Effectively directing when the mic's in my possession
Put me on stage and I'll treat it like the soap box
(Extra! Extra!) I'm headlining every phone's aux
And leave your dome rocked; microphones hot
After reciting songs authored by Fiya so drop
That apparatus and we're hearing the feedback
They see I handle raps with care and hip hop needs that
Hands in the air if you're out in the crowd
Get into pairs if you came to get down
Don't have a partner? Then, join any roster
You want to lose yourself, don't worry I got you


Verse 2:
Let the club turn up; I ain't in here much
But I'm about to get crunk, (Huzzah!)
Lot of a vivrant things and the vibes that bang
I might have to break it down
Got the moves I know in my arsenal
They react like whoa! (Huzzah!)
Like what's in they cup, I'ma mix it up
With a twist of how they're moving now and stick in "holy cow"
Shish-kabob is what I call it; food for thought here on the topic
Not the bar for alcoholics, that's reserved for gin and tonic
Hear the beat and know I'm on it; jumping like I am Kriss Krossing
House of Pain and Destiny's Offspring; That was awkward
I'll take that back like shorty did
And start dancing around as if Maury said
"Test says You Are Not The Father"
So I'm grooving out here; I cannot be bothered (Ah!)


Verse 3:
What up, ma, see you got me curious
I ain't looking for tail, so call me George
If there's no Donkey Kong to be furious
There's memories on the floor we can forge
We'll steal the show like Abu and gemstones
And I'll show you where King Kong went wrong
He couldn't Caesar, my planet gonna get her
Cause I got charm and appeal like Magilla Gorilla
(Ah!) Guess the crowd needs moving
Let me travel the floor while grooving
Inspire the folks do the dance I'm doing
And break it down (break it down, break it down)
Ay gull! Let's get off this wall
And fellas! Let's escape this bar
This is your song; congregate them all
And break it down (break it down, break it down)
This the music for the cutie with the little booty
This junk for ones with the butts with their own strut
Who are usually skittish can hear this and forget it
And break it down (break it down break it down)
All dudes loosened up with the juice
Guys who're too shy just slide side to side
Gentlemen who've been waiting to get it in
Then break it down (break it down, break it down)

Chorus x2


from FiyaB​-​Sides, released November 17, 2017
Prod. by Tone Jonez


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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