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This is a collection of B-sides that encapsulate the hit-making capabilities of Fiyablasta that just didn't fit his album, GEMs.


released November 17, 2017

Production by Tone Jonez & Sean Ross


all rights reserved



Fiyablasta Brandon, Florida

Starting from 4th grade, this Kansan emcee has been creating music for his love of the art. Now in Florida, he has continued to represent his Midwest roots and combine them with the South's mighty influence while still maintaining his lyrical foundation taught to him by his father. Loving many genres, you can hear many styles and ideas clash into what makes Fiyablasta the artist he is today. ... more

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Track Name: I Have Arrived
Verse 1:
Back for umpteenth
I can't give up the craft like it's a raft
I'm outcast on in some sea
Some see me as some fiend
Well I'm quite crack despite that
Rap is my lifeblood; call that a life hack
And since I have the mic back
They're treating it like Mike's back
Your rapping Thriller's rapping iller than these tyke acts
The freshman in a letterman listening to a veteran
But still struggling finding a box to peg him in
Those old shoes I outgrew them
Those old moves I outdo them
Those old fools reach out to him
But it's too late like One Republic and apologies
I know now if I signed with y'all, I'd hate my whole discograpghy
And nobody would know it; give them one hit then wonder
"How was he hot all summer, then went colder than a tundra?"
So I'm grounded on the under
And show them that the skill is undead, once I rip the ground asunder like

I have arrived to the conclusion
That with my rhymes and my allusions
I'm a commodity hotter as hip hop's oddity
Probably cause I'm offering Monsterpieces with constancy
I'm that fly, fine rap guy
I got to ask, if you don't mind me
Who would give you Fiya B-sides besides me?

Verse 2:
Nobody has got game wrapped up
So neat and chic and bags your shawty
I'm only Joshing and Draking; call that the Pecking order
Ringing a Bell? Bet they're saying, "Is this the best in Florida's independent scene after Kodak and XXX?
Well tentancion is telling me to I should say next."
Yes! Give me a sec to flex
Just had to take a breath to get this off my chest
And show you what I rep
Topeka, Kansas and Tampa together
Forever clever; never sell for the devil
But rapping better for the fun and art of it
So the audience knows what true artist is
Set the guns down like I signed armistice
Put your ~ONE~ up like Brail made hardest hit
Chuck a deuce up for Lyric cause he's a beast
Now I'll one you up when I give you Much Love, Peace
Threes! Yeah, you know that's me!
Even put it into triplets for display of musicality
Beating me is a fallacy
Figured I'd teach you my principles
Since you ain't using your mental faculties


Verse 3:
You'll never find a substitute to take my W's
So I won't trouble you and continue to be your lovable
Untouchable, wonderful colored fool (I'm done with you)
Who throws a punch or two
Ok, maybe a flurry when there is none to pull
I guess that's what I'm packing ever since the fifth grade
Ate a knuckle sandwich when I traded them my mixtapes
In return got lunchables; now I'm not starving artist
Grown me's getting vegetables; eating from the bars I harvest
Don't he say the darndest things
But ain't focused on the bling
And they tell me that he sings
And when I do what I do
You'll never want the pop to stop
When I croon they all swoon
Hit playback and lay back I'll stay active
I know you'll still feel it without radio backing
I'm the bomb; if I blow, watch them fallout
Think it's a game? Then ask Bethesda what I'm talmbout


Cause I'm that fly, fine rap guy
I gotta ask, if you don't mind me
Who would give you Fiya-Bsides?
Track Name: Go Ape
Give them hi hat and little bass
A hard hitting kick just to make the trunk shake
And then an emcee with wordplay
That'll make them go ape (ooh ahh huzzah)
You in the club then you know what to play
A cool little ditty that will make them say aye
You can bet they can't stay in one place
And go ape (ooh ahh huzzah)

Verse 1:
Time to go bananas; lose control of manners
No sophistication; know the hit that's playing
S'posed to make you go ape and I
Give permission for losing your inhibition
By getting down to my sound as it pounds; louder now
Gather round! Moving crowds was always my profession
Effectively directing when the mic's in my possession
Put me on stage and I'll treat it like the soap box
(Extra! Extra!) I'm headlining every phone's aux
And leave your dome rocked; microphones hot
After reciting songs authored by Fiya so drop
That apparatus and we're hearing the feedback
They see I handle raps with care and hip hop needs that
Hands in the air if you're out in the crowd
Get into pairs if you came to get down
Don't have a partner? Then, join any roster
You want to lose yourself, don't worry I got you


Verse 2:
Let the club turn up; I ain't in here much
But I'm about to get crunk, (Huzzah!)
Lot of a vivrant things and the vibes that bang
I might have to break it down
Got the moves I know in my arsenal
They react like whoa! (Huzzah!)
Like what's in they cup, I'ma mix it up
With a twist of how they're moving now and stick in "holy cow"
Shish-kabob is what I call it; food for thought here on the topic
Not the bar for alcoholics, that's reserved for gin and tonic
Hear the beat and know I'm on it; jumping like I am Kriss Krossing
House of Pain and Destiny's Offspring; That was awkward
I'll take that back like shorty did
And start dancing around as if Maury said
"Test says You Are Not The Father"
So I'm grooving out here; I cannot be bothered (Ah!)


Verse 3:
What up, ma, see you got me curious
I ain't looking for tail, so call me George
If there's no Donkey Kong to be furious
There's memories on the floor we can forge
We'll steal the show like Abu and gemstones
And I'll show you where King Kong went wrong
He couldn't Caesar, my planet gonna get her
Cause I got charm and appeal like Magilla Gorilla
(Ah!) Guess the crowd needs moving
Let me travel the floor while grooving
Inspire the folks do the dance I'm doing
And break it down (break it down, break it down)
Ay gull! Let's get off this wall
And fellas! Let's escape this bar
This is your song; congregate them all
And break it down (break it down, break it down)
This the music for the cutie with the little booty
This junk for ones with the butts with their own strut
Who are usually skittish can hear this and forget it
And break it down (break it down break it down)
All dudes loosened up with the juice
Guys who're too shy just slide side to side
Gentlemen who've been waiting to get it in
Then break it down (break it down, break it down)

Chorus x2
Track Name: Positive
People always want to ask me how I stay so positive
I'm just basking in the day that my God has given
In life, there's got to be a balance; you know, losses/wins
And that's how I make it through on the walk I'm living

Verse 1:
Each day, I say, Hello
I treat it like my present gift
Why should I live the present tense?
For now I have a future I can choose to make it beautiful
And spread that kindness, and this mindset's what I use it for
(Yeah yeah) I know helps to complain and vent
For y'all but ain't no sense when it can't change events
(So right now) I'm making my main intent
(To find smiles) in my relationship
With the Man above me who loves me
Those who take care of me, hug me
And think that isn't it lovely?
That tomorrow could be sunny
Cause although distress may come to turn me face down
The cards I'm dealt still give me a chance to come play
So I will make my effort to turn the game around
Like the hands have 24 hours a day
(House rules)


Verse 2:
Now don't get me wrong
I'm not saying everything is peachy keen
I don't want to scream, but if I bring myself to tears
My fear is that I'll wallow in that scene
I'm struggling check to check; putting each check to debt
Little prospects to get out of the red, but fret not
Cause I'm not stuck in the streets
And privileged enough to be able to eat
So even though I'm slaving just to get by
Working these hours upon hours in the day
My God provides me with support to come to my side
So I know I can make it through it come what may
(Come whatever may)


Verse 3:
Each night, I try to smile
In spite of my difficulties
Cause I know life's a fickle thing
And I was told put other's needs before me
So I'm here to be that shoulder to lean on
Hey you! Tell me what's weighing you down
Maybe I can lend advice and I am praying for you now
I have been through something similar
Let me tell you the particulars
Or be an ear to listen
And a hug with your permission
I know tribulations are part of this system
But we're here to stand together through it all
And when we see the happiness there is in giving
The positives in life make your negatives small
(Sing it with me now)

Chorus x2
Track Name: All That Jazz
You are listening to what's presented by that Fiya B
Rapping with that trapping mixing with all that J-A-Z-Z

Verse 1:
I know what you're wanting in an artist
Cause you need more than punches at a barfest
You mix it with liquor, sip it in this cup
Then throw in a shot when you're fixing a switch up
It's never last call if you bar with me
Flows on tap make them tap out or pass out
I'm wavy, if you want to sine with me
And frequently found on your frequency; sound
Off if you get it bro
Then I'll be your lyrical
(What!?) spirit animal
(What?) and I'm mythical
For Pete's sake, I'm a dragon, homie
So unreal they think that the talent's phony
Like wrestling, until I slam jabronies
With written expressions you can't emoji

You are listening to what's presented by that Fiya B
Rapping with that trapping mixing with all that J-A-Z-Z
I know what you're wanting in an artist
Cause you need a little more than punches at a barfest
He may relay sty-le formerly known as pizzazz
Be hip to hop on rap & trap & all that jazz

Verse 2:
See when you're too literary, results may vary
Contrary to popular belief
Your loose leaf may bequeath motifs of "help, don't hurt"
But if it's not turnt up, it's turned down
So that spurns sounds of a solution
Of lit and wit in a mix of hits
Full of bass and melodies, and you're telling me
I ain't ready to be spotted like my name's Cruella D
If it ain't black and white, it's shades of grey
There's way more than 50 in my palette to paint
And that's when I'm monochrome; I got more than monotone
But won when going mano a mano, Holmes
Sherlock seems elementary, but shout out to Watson
Cause I'm feeling Kaliko like Brail when looking for hot songs
Now I always hold heat; busting for the middle
Heart lands underground while I'm killing instrumentals


Verse 3:
Hey! Hip hop it's hot
Twisted with jazz; call it hip-bop (bebop)
Cowboy in this game; I quick draw (pop)
Anime nerd and he spit raw (raw)
Speigel and Vash are my favorite figures
Goofy and bad AF is the mixture
And in the culture, I am a fixture
That's my synopsis to get picture
(Lyrics are bad and goofy)
Got Powerline's like the 90's movie
If I find Lil' Uzi, I'll assign his duty
Just say yeah every time I rhyme for Fooly Cooly
NEVER! But FiyaB-Sides is my OVA
A crazy ride on shooting stars in space
(So an Outlaw Star?) Not without those bars
You're my guests in the Death Parade
Noted, that's light work; y'all take L's
Notice my mind works in rebellion
Like Lelouch and smite a douche unlike you dudes
Who siphon fumes; I'm likened to a Titan who
Appears human but I can transform
Into a beast who is eating rap's norm
I guess that's my quirk; I'm the one for all people
But when my fans sub, I won't call it illegal


You are listening to what's presented by that Fiya B
Rapping with that trapping mixing with all that J-A-Z-Z
Now I'll say, "Much love, peace!"
And when that's shortened, Threes!
Track Name: Your Own Size
Verse 1:
Hey, hey, brown sugar
Let me tell you, chocolate bunny, you're a looker
By the look of it, you're looking for some good love
And since I got a sweet tooth, you should let me meet you
You like to work with kids? Me too
You about to travel the Caribbean? Well I need to
That's where your fam lives; that's where your man is from
Well, that was random or was that planned on
Let me guess, you expect me to holler
Like every other dog walking along with no collar
But since it was brought up
How goes it my friend? Where do you begin?
He don't like your buddies and it might just end
(And the week after,) we're back together again
Now I've known you a while, you're caught in a cycle
And I think you deserve to smile, but

Know what you do
When you're coming through
But you keep on sizing up these other dudes
But if you'd give me a try
You would drop all those guys
So won't you pick a heart your own size

Verse 2:
Finally, finally, finally, it's the last straw
He just wouldn't change and you're calling it off
You're focused on you, so do your thing, boo
I'm cheering you on and so is your crew
Celebrating in the night life
But the club will barely lend you any nice guys
So when we chat it up, I'm thinking that's wassup
And, normally, I would have passed this up
We've had some close encounters
Signs that you're looking my way
But I still had my doubts and I said
Let's see how this plays
Bet like Roulette circling my mind
Read it clear she turned it to that sign
Stopped my heart like my chips on black
Meet my new guy; you can hit the road jack, oooh

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
Ok, simple and plain, I know you're playing hard to get
But what you're wanting in a man and what you stay with is hard to get
It's strange to me you view me like a great acquaintance
But conversations and interactions give off different statements
You know I care because I've seen you take advantage
Of how I try to see if I can make life easier to manage
I know you're damaged in ways that aren't healed by a bandage
But it's gotten to a point where I must take a distant vantage
And that's our plight, when you plan those games
That's the quickest way to douse instead of fan those flames
And it sucks, because I was about to let down my guard
And see if you could fit in with my God, family, and art
7 long years I waited for that time to come
Like playing hide and seek; I'm at the base and you stay on the run
Only bad ones coming after you and you don't want shelter
Tired of playing, but it stinks that my heart's still racing to help you
So I'm trying to tell you that

Chorus x2
Track Name: The Choice
Shoot to improve from project to project
But I can't help thinking, "Is all this hard work nonsense?"
Cause it's nice to say that money is no object
But when it comes to your joy the game tends to rob it
So what do you do?
What do you choose?
In between dreams and you taking a chance on losing your way
For those waving hands and getting that pay
The choice is up to you

Verse 1:
I know it boggles those who follow my career
Cause it's artful and not hollow, yet I'm fine if not all hear
What I spent years on, til my sleep's near gone
But do I really think this effort isn't worthy to cheer on
Trust, it weighed on my brain in the way back
Before music was made in the Maybach and Drake's tats
I would harbor a starving for stardom
Convinced that Lil Bow Wow can't handle my bars, son
So let me hit the stage and rattle up the cage
Performing pieces that can entertain any age
Travel the globe with the flow of the ocean
The poet in motion is pwning opponents
With every component and owning each accolade
Paid dues so my pages they had to praise
Working with the legends that shaped my sound
Haters speak up and my fans shut them down
Filling my bank account with nearly insane amounts
Whenever my name's announced by penning a paper route
Shame the house parties, arenas, club ceiling got flames to douse
When Fiya B is dropping heat, but they don't care, they'll play it loud
Money, power, respect not only drowning in debt got
A ring to it like the betrothed, but behold
Your code of conduct don't align with morals
And what comes in tow may be lacking soul


Verse 2:
I know it boggles those who follow my career
Cause it's artful and not hollow, yet I'm fine if not all hear
What I spent years on, til my sleep's near gone
But do I really think this effort isn't worthy to cheer on
Trust, I looked inside of what coincides
With industry life and I can't swipe right
She looks good, but the cons outweigh the bene's
Plus I'm not in need of Fendi replacing my JCPenneys
Many men would wish death if I got some penned checks
From Slim if they ain't shady with my business
And it's nothing personal like anything ain't private
That's if I'm not fronting about first class on fly jets
Highest in room if I'm under the influence
Of the unrighteous behaviors put in the music
Immorality is a temptress and the empress
Of the business we must impress
It don't fit with being the spiritually
Fittest; you would be slipping
Falling I can't get up
Dark Man X told you wassup
Got no life alert, I know Christ got hurt
Don't live life inert; I know I can work
On putting God first, making music a hobby
But could it be more without living ungodly?

Chorus x3